Fitness Trainer Khomitskyi

1. logo and branding

2. web site

We felt honored and excited when we received an invitation from Pause Fest, a creative digital festival, and organized 10,000 miles away in Melbourne, Australia.

They asked us to design a short ident that would express the overall theme of “connectedness”.

A unique collaboration between Dutch creative studios and artists was setup to create the main titles for Playgrounds festival 2015.

Each contributor was asked to direct a piece around the theme "imagine whatever" and featuring the three names of the artists or

3. full responsive

Directed towards the 16-24 year-old core, our eCommerce experience is designed for thumb-first interaction. The navigational structure alters between mobile, tablet, and desktop, ensuring we’re serving the user based on device type and behavior. Through a research-proven approach, we created an

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